Whitener, Highlighter & Marker

Markers and Highlighters are used to get attention to certain texts or words. They are available in vivid colours. They are accessories that ensures all important points in books or newspapers are noted with bright colours for further reference. These are used by all age groups alike. At Sastasundar you will find markers in blue, green, blue, black and fluorescent colours.

This section contains highlighter pen, markers, office punch device, sticky notes, stamp pad, ziplock bag, utility knife, stapler pins, scissors, pins, paper and binder clips.

Sticky notes have been around for years as they are important part of study tables and offices. It helps to organise yourself, your studies, household and workplace. It can also be used to label the mess of say several wires behind computer or TV. Buy sticky notes online.

Buy stapler pins, pins, paper and binder clips for essential office stationery. A stapler is a must at every desk. Paper punchers if you need to stack a lot of papers in files or folders. Certain objects like stamp pad, pins, binder clips are must for every office. Browse through the range of office supplies that are available at Sastasundar and buy them online.

Buy ziplock bags online if you want to keep the product fresh and undamaged. It can be food products or anything else. Get top quality storage ziplock bags at attractive prices from Sastasundar. It comes in various sizes depending on what and how much you want to store.