Frequently Asked Questions

User Support

Q. Who do I contact at if I encounter any problem while using this website?

A. Please call on our customer care number (93 3080 3080) if you encounter problems while using our website.

Q. Can I contact customer support team by sending an email?

A. Yes, you can contact our customer support team by sending an email. Just follow the given steps.

Log in to your account.
On the “My Account” page click on the “My Mailbox” tab on your dashboard.
Next click on “Compose” button.
Select a subject from the drop down list and write the mail. You can also attach files, if required. When done click on “Submit”.
Your mail will be delivered to our customer care department and you will receive a feedback soon.
Alternatively, you can send an email directly to

Q. Would a notification be sent to me the moment receives my email?

A. Yes, “Message Sent successfully” notification will be displayed on your screen every time receives your message. You will hear from us soon after you have mailed us your feedback or queries. We look forward for your suggestions and feedback.

Please Note: Any message, comment or feedback sent to, or any form of communication made with our customer support team, becomes exclusive property of the company and the user would not receive any compensation for posting/sending suggestions or feedbacks to