OXY Face Wash

Men also deal with skin issues like sensitivity, aging and acne and more. Generally men have a thicker and oilier skin that undergoes aging in a different process unlike that of women. Men’s skin has a firm appearance and more collagen. Their sebaceous glands are comparatively active and therefore has more pores. Males are prone to have dry skin due to constant shaving. Regular shaving makes their skin appear more stressed. Men do need products tailored for their skin type. This is where OXY skin face wash comes into picture. It is India’s first dedicated face wash brand for men face care.

Oxy has:

  • Anti-pollution scrubs with activated charcoal to remove dirt and oil thereby keeping face clean
  • Icy- menthol gives a cooling sensation
  • Stearic acid exfoliates dead skin
  • Suit all skin types  
  • Powered with advanced Japanese technology