Velocit Test Device 1 Pc (2 Pc)

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Velocit Test Device 1 Pc (2 Pc)

Size: 1 Pc

Velocit is a quick pregnancy test kit to detect the pregnancy hormone hCG in urine. hCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone that appears in the urine approximately 20 days after the last menstrual period only when a woman is pregnant.

  •   Detects pregnancy hormone (hCG) in urine sample
  •   Use Velocit on the day of missed periods
  •   Simple one-step pregnancy diagnosis kit
  •   Test kit of 4 items

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Velocit can be used to detect pregnancy as early as the missed day of periods. In some women though, the levels of hCG are not detectable so early in the pregnancy. If the test is negative, you can repeat test after 72 hours. hCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone that appears in the urine when a woman is pregnant approximately 20 days after her last menstrual period. This pregnancy hormone level then rises rapidly reaching a peak level by 8-12 weeks of gestation. It is advisable to wait a couple of days after missing period, before performing the test. This will help avoid a falsely negative test. For optimal detection of pregnancy, first urine sample of the day is preferred. However, randomly collected urine sample may also be used. Fresh urine sample is desirable for optimum results of the test. Your Velocit pack contains 1 Test device (card for one time use only), 1 dropper, 1 desiccant (moisture absorbing pouch) not required for the test and a user information leaflet. Velocit, is to be stored at 2-8° C in the sealed pouch. Do not freeze test kit. Do not use after expiry date, stamped on the label.

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