Quikkool Mouth Ulcer Gel 10 gm

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Quikkool Mouth Ulcer Gel 10 gm

Size: 10 gm

Quikkool Mouth ulcer gel provides fast and effective relief from painful mouth ulcers.

  •   Acts quick to heal mouth ulcers.
  •   Provides cooling and comfort.
  •   Pleasant flavour.

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Piramal Enterprises Limited known for its expertise in creating innovative brands has launched “QuikKool” pain relieving mouth ulcer gel. QuikKool has a unique formulation which provides instant pain relief while aiding in faster healing of the ulcer. QuikKool comes with a unique formulation of Choline salicylate, Lignocaine & Benzalkonium chloride in a pleasant flavour. It works in 3 easy steps: Step 1: Lignocaine Hydrochloride acts on the nerve endings and relieves from the pain while our scientifically developed base helps in providing cooling comfort. Step 2: Choline Salicylate soothes the wound and aids in healing faster. Step 3: Benzalkonium Chloride provides anti-bacterial protection from further aggravation of the wound. Directions for use: Wash your hands, apply enough QuikKool to cover the tip of the index finger, rub well into the affected area every 3 hours but not more than once every 3 hours. In the treatment of ulcers, wipe the surface free of mucus before applying.

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