Garlic Pearls Cap (100 Cap)

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Garlic Pearls Cap (100 Cap)

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Size: Cap

Garlic Pearls by Ranbaxy acts as a natural supplement for a healthy heart and easy digestion, manages cholesterol levels, regulates blood pressure and improves immunity.

  •   Improves digestion builds immunity and regulates blood pressure.
  •   Manages cholesterol levels.
  •   It is odourless and easy to swallow.

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Garlic pearls from Ranbaxy have a concentration of garlic oil, sourced from a special variety of garlic to provide various health benefits like immunity, proper digestion and regulated blood pressure. This natural health supplement also manages cholesterol levels in the body and keeps the heart healthy. Garlic contains a special compound called allicin that has been known to lower blood pressure levels with regular intake. Taking one capsule every day ensures good health and overall well-being. Unlike raw garlic, it does not have any strong pungent odour. It is also without any side effects. The phile contains 100 capsules.

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