Digital Thermometer (Dr.Morepen) Device 1 Pc

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Digital Thermometer (Dr.Morepen) Device 1 Pc

Size: 1 Pc

Dr Morepen Digital Thermometer is made by using optimum quality material and advance technology to give you safe and accurate temperature measurements.

  •   Auto-off
  •   Alarm Signal
  •   High Accuracy
  •   Fast Response
  •   Break Resistance

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Dr.Morepen’s digital thermometer is a 100% safe digital home health model. With no mercury or glass, this thermometer is virtually unbreakable. It is mercury-free and made of liquid crystal technology. It has an audible beeper that alerts you when the digital display is ready to read. After hearing the beeps that signal completion, remove thermometer from mouth and read temperature on display; temperature reading will not change while the power remains on. It is advisable to inform your doctor any time a temperature is above 100 degrees ºF. It can be read much faster and easier than conventional glass thermometer. The readings are of high precision and accuracy than normal glass thermometers. It has an auto switch off feature that means that if you forget to turn off the thermometer, it will turn off automatically in a few minutes saving battery life.

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