Clove Oil 2 ml

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Clove Oil 2 ml

Size: 2 ml

Clove oil from Dabur is a concentrated oil that acts as a cure for toothache and gum inflammation.

  •   Remedy for toothache.
  •   Acts as an antiseptic.
  •   Brings instant relief.

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Dabur's clove oil is an excellent remedy for toothache. Clove oil has been used in traditional medicine as a cure for toothache and that is what Dabur brings to you in this little bottle. The concentrated clove oil has to be massaged on the teeth and gums for about a minute and then rinsed off. You can massage the oil with your fingertips or pour the oil on a cotton plug and massage with that. It instantly brings relief from severe toothache so you can enjoy a pain-free life from now on. It acts as an antiseptic as well. This herbal remedy has no side effects. The taste of clove oil can be a bit overpowering so try not to make it come into contact with your tongue. The bottle contains 2ml clove oil.

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