SS Currency - Loyalty Reward Point

SS Currency Redemption Rules

SS Currency balance can be redeemed with the balance earned till previous order i.e. SS Currency earned in an order cannot be redeemed in that same order.

Customer can redeem his/her current balance against the featured products as made available on the website.

Redemption can be done partially or fully as per available balance i.e. customer can utilize his / her full or part balance.

This offer cannot be clubbed with any other offer/s or promotion/s.

SS Currency can be redeemed on purchase of Health buddy products.

The SS Currency cannot be redeemed for cash.

SS Currency Expiration Rules

SS Currency will have validity up to 120 days from the date of credit. However SS currency accrued till 31st August 2016 will be considered as SS currency allocated on 1st September for the purpose of expiry.

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