Test Details:

The HbA1C Test is done to measure the amount of glucose that binds with the haemoglobin. The HbA1C Test is a major diagnostic measure for Diabetes. This test helps to check the average blood glucose level by determining the amount of haemoglobin bound glucose.

Test Required for:

The average blood sugar levels over a span of months or weeks can be determined by measuring glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c). It is important for diabetics as high HbA1c, greater risk of developing diabetes-related complications.

Test Ordered for:

To check blood glucose level by measuring haemoglobin bound glucose.

Test Recommended:

HbA1C Test should be performed once every 3 months for all diabetic patients as per the American Diabetes Association guidelines. A high measure indicates diabetes, kidney failure and Hypertriglyceridemia. A low value indicate Haemolytic anaemia, Renal failure and Chronic blood loss.

  • Preparation : No Preparation Needed
  • Online Report Delivery : 1 Day
  • Sample Type : Blood

Health packages containing GLYCATED HB (HBA1C)

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