What is Blood Urea Nitrogen Test?

Urea nitrogen is a waste product that arises from the breakdown of protein in the body and the amount of urea nitrogen secreted acts as a functional measure to detect the normal functioning of the liver and the kidney. Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) test checks the kidney function by measuring the presence of urea nitrogen in the blood.

Urea-Genupathlabs.jpg What is the normal range of Blood Urea Nitrogen Test?

The normal BUN range lies in between 7 to 20 mg/dL.


What do the deviations from the normal range indicate?

Increased BUN levels indicate the following:

End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)
Urinary tract obstruction
GIT bleeding
Heart diseases
Chronic kidney disease
Severe dehydration
Decreased BUN levels mainly indicate liver dysfunction.


Is there any preparation needed before doing the test?

No preparation is required.

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