Glucose Fasting

What is Fasting Blood Sugar Test?

Glucose is the main source of energy that is required by our body and we gain glucose from a carbohydrate-rich diet.

A Fasting Blood Glucose Test helps to determine the amount of blood glucose after 8 hours of fasting and this test is the prime measure for monitoring Diabetes.


What is the normal range of Fasting Blood Sugar Test?

The normal range of Fasting Blood Sugar Test is 70 to 100 mg/dL of blood.

Glucose-Fasting-Genupathlabs-One.jpg Glucose-Fasting-Genupathlabs-Two.jpg


What do the deviations from the normal range indicate?

A high value indicates impaired Glucose tolerance, Hyperglycemia and Diabetes. A low value indicates Diabetic or Non-Diabetic hypoglycemia.


Are there any special instructions for Fasting Blood Sugar Test?

The patient must not eat or drink anything apart from water for 8 hours before getting the test.


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