What is Serum Cholesterol Test?

Cholesterol is a definite type of lipoprotein that is present in the blood. Serum Cholesterol Test usually measures the total amount of cholesterol present in the blood and it includes the measurement of both low-density and high-density lipoproteins.


What are the normal ranges for Serum Cholesterol Test?

The normal ranges are as follows:

Serum cholesterol: less than 200mg/dL
LDL cholesterol: less than 100mg/dL
HDL cholesterol: higher than 55mg/dL in case of women and higher than 45mg/dL in case of men
Triglycerides: less than 150mg/dL

What do the deviations from the normal ranges indicate?

Higher values indicate:

Increased risk of cardiovascular diseases including stroke and Atherosclerosis

Lower values indicate:

Good control of cholesterol
Drug (statin) effect

Is there any preparation required for this test?

No special preparation is required.

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