Bilirubin Total

What is Serum Bilirubin Test?

Bilirubin is an orange-yellow pigment that occurs normally in the blood as an integral part of the RBC breakdown process. Serum Bilirubin Test measures the amount of bilirubin in your blood and is usually done to detect jaundice.


What is the normal range of Serum Bilirubin Test?

Normal bilirubin level in adults ranges from 0.3 – 1.2 mg/dL.


What do the deviations from the normal range indicate?

A high bilirubin level indicates jaundice and is found in the following conditions:

Liver disease
Hemolytic anaemia
Blockage of the bile ducts
Gilbert's syndrome
Cancer of the gallbladder and pancreas

Is there any preparation required for this test?

No special preparation is required.

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