Healthbuddy Stoptar Cigarette Filter to Quit Smoking

Buy stoptar smoking filters at which helps to quit smoking. Free of any chemicals this fag filter is made of Grade- A plastic. A must for smokers who cannot give up smoking.

Stoptar the best cigarette filters to stop smoking

Stoptar is the best cigarette filter to stop smoking as this filters out the toxic tar visibly after each usage. It is  affordable and is made of food standard material. Stoptar helps to stop smoking as it brings down the levels of nicotine, tar and other harmful products. A stoptar single filter can be used upto 15 times. Most importantly it saves lung and lives.

Stoptar is available in packs of 10 and 30 with 10 pieces in each pack.

This Package includes: Stoptar Smoking Filter 10 Packs Of 10 Pcs Each, which is 100 pcs in total.

How Stoptar reduces risks of smoking?

Smoking is injurious to health and this fact is not hidden from anyone. Stoptar cigaretter filter  absorbs harmful tars, carcinogenic compounds and other dangerous chemicals from the cigaretter smoke by centrifugal force which reduces the hazards of smoking.

Stoptar Tar Filter is a good gift idea for your friends as it reduces dangers of smoking.

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