Healthbuddy Orthopaedic Care Products

Buy orthopaedic equipments online from includes a range of structural devices that are designed to soothe or guard any relative disorders. Owning one orthopaedic equipment gives you relief  from all the pain and struggle.

Sastasundar under the brand Healthbuddy has a stock of orthopaedic appliances like hot cold packs, walking stick, cervical collar and lumbo sacral belts . Both Ice and heat packs are used on an intense injury for example a sprained ankle as it gives instant relief and helps to reduce inflammation.

Waist support belt or lumbar support brace is a padded belt designed to reduce the impact of lower body such while running or walking. It also increases blood circulation.

If you are suffering from cervical stiffness then the cervical collar would be of great help as it eases the stress and pain by aligning the neck that will give instant relief.

Knee support belt reduce flexion and prevents swelling. Orthopaedic products restore a special muscle, bone, joint and tendon.