Herbal Products

A proper skin care give you a healthy and glowing skin always. Skin is exposed to pollution, sun rays, poor diet, weather conditions and stress. However the products that we use on our skin contain harmful chemicals. The market is flooded with such products. SastaSundar has a stock of its own herbal care products under the tag of Healthbuddy that are free of harmful chemicals and contain plant or fruit extracts along with essential oils. Avoid using products that have toxic chemicals with side effects that would harm your skin in the long term. Instead use herbal and natural products that will give you a healthy and glowing skin eventually.

Herbal essence products prevents skin care concerns like skin irritation, acne, controls sun damage as well as keeps it youthful. Organic products online are gentle on the skin and contain no additives or fragrance as well as not tested on animals. Some of the herbal ingredients used are Aloe Vera, Neem, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Rose extracts, Essential oils etc. which possess healing properties.