Healthbuddy Granny's Herbs Ashwagandha Potli 100 gm

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Aswagandha is a highly acclaimed plant having valuable pharmaceutical and nutraceutical properties as per Ayurveda. The major active ingredients is Withanolides, which are mainly located in the roots and leaves of the plants.

  •   The active ingredient Withaferin of Aswagandha has antitumerigenic activity against various cell lines and also has anti-inflammatory property.
  •   Acts as a immunoregulator and chemoprotective agent.
  •   It has hepatoprotective property and hence is good for liver.
  •   Helps in reducing body cholesterol by increasing bile synthesis.
  •   The active ingredient Withanolides of Aswagandha helps in antimicrobial activity.
  •   Warm up a cupfull of milk and remove from heat source.
  •   Add one teaspoon full of Aswagandha powder to boiled milk.
  •   Consume entirely on an empty stomach.
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Size: 100 gm