Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

DNAVITA is a Health Supplement “MADE FOR YOU” to provide Nutrition including Vitamins & Minerals considering your health condition, age, height, weight, food habits & lifestyle.

DNAVITA follows the principles of Ayurveda which states-
     a. Prevention is better than cure. Thus DNAVITA is meant for enhancing immunity by taking care of` essential nutrition, vitamins & minerals.
     b. Healthiness lies in “PRAKRITI”. Hence DNAVITA uses ingredients given by the Prakriti (Nature) for your Prakriti (DNA).
     c. Purity & Freshness are essential and therefore DNAVITA is made using Pure Ingredients & processed under hygienic conditions only after assessing your needs.
The DNAVITA logo stands for speed, energy, continuity, vitality & spirit - rotating as a circle upholding the purpose of constantly rising to excellent health standards. The colours represent the 5 Elements of Life or Panchtatva - Earth (Prithvi), Water (Jal), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni) and Ether (Akash).
DNAVITA has been created keeping "you" and "your dietary requirements" in mind. It is made of natural food ingredients without any artificial colour, flavour & preservatives. DNAVITA is prepared naturally so as to retain the wholesome nutritional properties. DNAVITA is based on Ayurveda which states “Food for Nutrition, Prevention & Cure”, emphasizing upon the healing power of food to enhance our natural immunity & boost our energy levels.
For any DNAVITA related query, contact our expert in-house nutritionists at care_dnavita@sastasundar.com.
Natural and edible ingredients which have been minimally processed to retain their Nutritional Integrity are used for preparing DNAVITA.
Yes, DNAVITA is "Made to Order" or simply put, a Customized Product. This means that DNAVITA for you shall be prepared categorically based upon your requirements.
DNAVITA is unique & different because -
1. Ingredients used are chosen from Nature (Prakriti) for your Prakriti (DNA).
2. It is prepared considering your health condition, age, height, weight, food habits & lifestyle.
3. Enhances Immunity Power
4. Made of Pure Ingredients
5. Prepared under Hygienic Condition maintaining Global Standards
6. No Artificial Colour, Flavour & Preservatives
Sure! The product details section mentions the Ingredient & Nutritional Information per 100 gm of DNAVITA.
Definitely! The product details section mentions the price information as well.
DNAVITA reaches you within 3 working days from the order date.
You will be happy to know - we do!
Airtight aluminium foil packaging secured in paperboard cartons strictly protect DNAVITA from moisture, oxygen, heat, & light maintaining its product integrity.
Please look up Product Details Section & your customized product pack for the Dosage & Recommended Usage information!
Follow the instructions on DNAVITA Dosage & Recommended Usage given in the package. Note the following important instructions for usage:-
1. Please do not use boiling hot water as it will cause coagulation. Please use lukewarm water.
2. Stir briskly and continuously to avoid lump formation.
3. Since DNAVITA is formulated with Whole Ingredients, it has natural fiber content in it. This may sometimes settle at the bottom of the reconstituted drink as “sediments” when dissolved in hot milk/water. This does not affect the quality/integrity of the product. It is advisable to consume the same to derive maximum benefits.
Our website assists you with all the product details of DNAVITA. We also have a range of Herbal Products. Consult your physician to know your requirements.
Yes, we maintain Global Hygiene Standards for processing DNAVITA.
DNAVITA is best before 3 months from the Manufacturing Date.
Once opened, DNAVITA should be stored within the Aluminium Foil Packaging in a suitable airtight container to retain optimum freshness & quality. We recommend you to use Metal/Glass containers & avoid Plastic Containers. It should be stored in a clean, cool and dry place away from sunlight & strong odours. The product should not be used if Aluminium Foil Packaging is damaged or open.
Yes, Vitamins & Minerals in requisite proportions are added to DNAVITA according to Standard Guidelines.
Step 1: Use the Sastasundar login ID; Not a member? Register now!
Step 2: Click "Order” & “Add New Input”(for anybody linked with your Sastasundar ID).
Step 3: Need benefit? Click as per preference!
Step 4: Proceed to Input for Order [Age, Height, Weight, Pregnancy/Lactation Status (for Women only)]
Step 5: Complete the Profile Information Form
Step 6: Provide General Health Information :
- personal health history
- family health history
- vitamin deficiency, if any
Step 7: Select benefit (optional; not required if chosen before)
Step 8: Mention if your DNAVITA is recommended by any Doctor/Nutritionist. If yes, provide his/her name & contact number.
Step 9: Mention usually consumed Health Supplement (if any)
Step 10: Fill up few basic questions on your food intake depending upon your food habits
Step 11: Click "Submit".
Step 12: Check your health profile. Click on "Modify Health Report" for making changes. You can use the PDF icon above to download the "Health Report".
Step 13: Check your customized DNAVITA in "View Recommended Product"
Step 14: Order!
The following information is required to be filled up in the DNAVITA Questionnaire:
> Date of Birth
> Height in Ft & Inches or in cm
> Weight in Kg/Lb
> Personal & Family Health History
> Diet Pattern (Veg/Jain Veg/Eggetarian/Non Veg)
> Food Habits
DNAVITA is not a medicine. It is a customized food product intended to supplement daily diet according to an individual’s physiological and nutritional needs. The information provided in this website including through Mobile APP, e-mails, telephonic calls and other mode of communication are general in nature and not intended or implied to be professional health advice and are not for medicinal purpose. It is meant only for records and not for therapeutic advice or for curing any illness.
Absolutely not! It is generally made using the combination of the following ingredients. In case you have any allergy towards one/more of these ingredients, we advise you not to use it:-
ii.Brown Rice
iv.Cocoa Solids
v.Edible Blended Vegetable Oil
vi.Milk & Milk Products
vii.Low Calorie Sweetener
x.Soy based Products
xi.Wheat (Gluten)
xii.Whey based Products
In case of any doubt, the user should always consult experts including Physicians before using it.
DNAVITA is available for age groups except Infants. We are sorry we cannot make any Nutritional Product equal to Mother’s Milk and therefore DNAVITA is not meant for Infants. We are under process to develop DNAVITA for Pregnant & Lactating Women. So at the the moment, we are not supplying the product to these groups.
Of course! As per policy we believe that information provided by you is authentic. We shall not disclose any information related to your medical history to any other person for commercial purposes.