Why DNAVITA is the Best Health Supplement

DNAVITA is a Health Supplement “MADE FOR YOU” to provide Nutrition including Vitamins & Minerals considering your health condition, age, height, weight, food habits & lifestyle.

DNAVITA follows the principles of Ayurveda which states-
     a. Prevention is better than cure. Thus DNAVITA is meant for enhancing immunity by taking care of` essential nutrition, vitamins & minerals.
     b. Healthiness lies in “PRAKRITI”. Hence DNAVITA uses ingredients given by the Prakriti (Nature) for your Prakriti (DNA).
     c. Purity & Freshness are essential and therefore DNAVITA is made using Pure Ingredients & processed under hygienic conditions only after assessing your needs.

What is the significance of the logo of DNAVITA?
The DNAVITA logo stands for speed, energy, continuity, vitality & spirit - rotating as a circle upholding the purpose of constantly rising to excellent health standards. The colours represent the 5 Elements of Life or Panchtatva - Earth (Prithvi), Water (Jal), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni) and Ether (Akash).
Why should you opt for DNAVITA?
DNAVITA has been created keeping "you" and "your dietary requirements" in mind. It is made of natural food ingredients without any artificial colour, flavour & preservatives. DNAVITA is prepared naturally so as to retain the wholesome nutritional properties. DNAVITA is based on Ayurveda which states “Food for Nutrition, Prevention & Cure”, emphasizing upon the healing power of food to enhance our natural immunity & boost our energy levels.
Can you consult a Nutritionist about DNAVITA?
For any DNAVITA related query, contact our expert in-house nutritionists at care_dnavita@sastasundar.com.
Does DNAVITA have any artificial preservatives?
Absolutely not!
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It is very essential to maintain a proper balanced weight for proper well being and enjoying a better quality of life. An imbalance of body weight which may be, being either Underweight or Overweight or Obese, often pose serious health risks. While being overweight pose serious health risks like diabetes, hypertension, heart related problems, arthritis; underweight people carry greater risks of having a weakened immune system, anemia and often feeling fatigued.

BMI, or Body Mass Index, which is one of the most significant indexes reflecting the health status of a person, depends upon the weight of a person. Individuals who have BMI greater than 30 are considered as Obese. Obese people should opt for weight loss on a serious note considering the disease related risk factors. Consumption of health supplements low in saturated fats, high in dietary fibre and complex carbohydrates along with liberal doses of vitamins & minerals is one of the vital steps in Weight Management; the others being maintaining a Regular Exercise Plan & consuming Plenty of Fluids.

BMI lesser than 18.5 indicates being underweight.. Underweight status may be related to acute under nutrition, chronic illness and poor food selection and unhealthy lifestyle. A food supplement with high protein content is recommended for such individuals to fulfill their protein deficiency in diet.

DNAVITA is a Made-to-Order, Customized Health Supplement made of Natural Ingredients. The online web and mobile app based interface in Sastasundar.com allows customization of DNAVITA. The interface is programmed and designed in such a way that it chooses ingredients of Health Supplements according to individual needs as reflected by their Health Status thereby helping in maintaining Balanced Weight. DNAVITA is made in certified 100% hygienic facility.