DNAVITA- Health Supplement

Seeing you lead a healthier and energetic lifestyle is the DNAVITA dream!

So, say ‘hi’ to the improved and strengthened formula of DNAVITA Ready Nutrition. Be it for someone aged 9 or somebody aged 90, the 3 NEW and amazing categories care for everyone’s health.

  • DNAVITA Superkidz: A rich profile of protein and dietary fibre makes this a super-duper supplement for the kids.
  • DNAVITA Fit & Hit: Want to be fit? Hit it right with this supplement loaded with dietary fibre and optimally balanced carbohydrate, protein and healthy fats!
  • DNAVITA Protein Up: High quality protein, rich dietary fibre and zero added sugar. Need we say more? Feel the energy pumping in!


What’s common across ALL three?


  • Made with premium quality healthy ingredients like oats, milk and whey
  • Loaded with added essential vitamins and minerals
  • No added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Zero trans fat and cholesterol
  • Negligible saturated fat
  • Processed under hygienic facilities

 What’s more - not only categories, the flavours are new too. The exciting Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla flavours (for all three categories) are sure goin’ to sing songs for your taste buds!