DNAVITA- Health Supplement

Health supplements are necessary for kids as their daily diet might not provide them with all required energy and nutrients. Nutritional supplements drinks help them to keep going throughout the day and be active and sharp.

Sastasundar keeping in mind the needs of growing children and hence devised a health supplement DNAVITA. DNAVITA for Children is a made-to-order, cereal based health supplement that has a mix of good amounts of protein, minerals and vitamins. DNAVITA for children is:

  • Made of high quality natural ingredients and 100% hygienic
  • Oats, Milk and Whey are main ingredients
  • Contains no added artificial colour, flavour, and preservatives
  • Recommended for children 5 to 9 years of age

They are available in Strawberry & Butterscotch along with chocolate flavours.