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General Health Check Up Package - Home Collection

The Health Check Package consists of : Routine Investigation, Sugar screening tests, Cholesterol test, Liver tests, Thyroid tests and Kidney Tests.

  •  Includes 11 tests
  •  12 Hrs Fasting
  •  Online report delivery in Same Day

Package Details

Package required for:

To overcome the health challenges that arise due to hectic lifestyle, stress, improper eating habits etc. It is also beneficial for those who have history of any diseases related to cardiac, Kidney, diabetes etc.

How the package helps:

The package helps to detect and avoid diseases before they become incurable. The package lets to identify and treat any diseases at an early stage. With home collection it is also ideal for those who have stressful lifestyles, irregular food habits or prone to certain diseases.

Time taken for online report delivery:

Same Day

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  • General Health Check Up Package - Home Collection 11 tests included
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  • Online report delivery in Same Day


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