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Executive Package - Home Collection

The package comprises of series of tests to diagnose if the person is in good health. It includes routine investigations which are important for those working in a stressful environment.

  •  Includes 13 tests
  •  12 Hrs Fasting
  •  Online report delivery in Same Day

Package Details

Package required for:

The Executive Package is recommended for individuals above 30 years of age and those who are having family history of diabetes, obesity, hypertension or other hereditary diseases. It includes the evaluation of health profile, assessment of health risks to check for the prevention and management of disease.

How the package helps:

The Executive Package is a screening package that is designed to check the proper functioning of vital organs in body. It determines to detect the illness and prevent it at early stage. The Executive package focuses mainly on busy corporate professionals and entrepreneurs.

Time taken for online report delivery:

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