Acne Care products

Acnes offers a complete skin care range which fights acne with three step regimen : Cleanses, Cares and Clears to deliver healthy and acne-free skin. Sastasundar offers products from the house of Acnes at discounted prices.

It is Japan's No. 1 Acne Care Brand. It is formulated with a an effective combination of ingredients that helps in acne removal. Acnes Face Wash cleanses skin, removes dead skills and impurities thereby maintains natural moisture.

Acnes Hydrating Toner soothes the skin, tightens skin pores and removes excess sebum thereby keeping the skin hydrated for long. Acnes Point Gel reduces acne problem by removing germs as well as absorb excess sebum. It reduces inflammation thereby brings down the chance of acne scars as well as gives you acne free skin.