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Spirometer Incentive Hudson Device

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Hudson RCI Incentive Spirometers comes with a Dual-chamber design that creates constant resistance that lifts the ball when patient maintains inspiration equal to the selected inspiratory flow setting.

  •   Provides goal-oriented exercise
  •   Dual-chamber design that creates constant resistance
  •   Adjustable, clearly marked flow settings
  •   Wide flow rate range from 200 to 1200 cc/sec

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Incentive spirometers are lightweight goal-oriented devices used to assess respiratory disorders. It measure patients' airflow or lung capacity by volume in a controlled exercise. Hudson RCI incentive spirometers use a flow tube connected to a volume measuring canister from which the patient can inhale. The Hudson RCI 1750 Incentive Spirometer with Mouthpiece is a goal-oriented exercise using SMI to promote bronchial hygiene in ridding the lungs of unwanted secretions. The range for this spirometer goes from 200 to 1200cc's.

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