Healthbuddy Ruby Organic Whole Leaf Black Tea, Pure & Fresh 25 gm to Enlarge

Healthbuddy Ruby Organic Whole Leaf Black Tea, Pure & Fresh 25 gm

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Ruby Black has distinctive aromas similar to that of clove, wintergreen, camphor, red date, raisin and cinnamon which generates high quality and bold flavor during infusion.

  •   100% certified organic, produced by pure organic farming (without using any chemical fertilizer, Pesticide etc.)
  •   First flush elite tea from the best gardens of Darjeeling.
  •   Unique flavor coupled with copious health benefits.
  •   No added colour, flavour or preservatives.
  •   Hygienically processed and packed in a HACCP and GMP certified plant.
  •   Packed in a food grade foil pouch within attractive tin cans with paper box.
  •   Natural Flavonoids are believed to fight against a host of diseases & are also good for immunity boosting.
  •   Long whole leaf green tea which keeps natural flavonoids intact due to minimum processing steps & minimal leaf cell rupturing.
  •   Rich in natural antioxidants & natural polyphenols which keeps you fresh & energetic.

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Size: 25 gm

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