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Healthbuddy Granny's Herbs Damiana Stress Buster Potli 50 gm

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Healthbuddy Granny’s Herbs Potli- True Gift of Nature, is an authentic collection of genuine herbs in their original form.

Damiana (Turnera diffusa) is long known in traditional medicine for its stimulating effects. It gives a mild high which has a relaxing and calming effect on the body.

Damiana Stress Buster Potli is a unique combination of Damiana and Tulsi leaves which has the potential to relieve stress due to its adaptogenic properties. The herbal mixture in this pack is processed in a certified 100% hygienic facility, with authentic ingredients maintaining high quality standards. The speciality of this herbal mix is that it is free from adulterants and does not contain any added colour, flavour or preservative.


The ingredients of Damiana Stress Buster Potli are known to have the following health benefits:

  •    Phytochemicals in Damiana have mood elevating properties.
  •    Tulsi enhances body’s response to stress.


  •    Bring water to complete boil and remove from the heat source
  •    Now add Damiana Herbal Mix (1 tsp for 1 cup of drink)
  •    Close with a lid and keep for 5 minutes
  •    Then pass through a tea strainer to make the perfect cup of Damiana  Herbal infusion.
  •    Please don’t add anything else to this infusion.
  •    Please drink when you feel stressful.


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