What is DNAVITA?


DNAVITA is a Health Supplement “MADE FOR YOU” to provide Nutrition including Vitamins & Minerals considering your health condition, age, height, weight, food habits & lifestyle.

DNAVITA follows the principles of Ayurveda which states-
     a. Prevention is better than cure. Thus DNAVITA is meant for enhancing immunity by taking care of` essential nutrition, vitamins & minerals.
     b. Healthiness lies in “PRAKRITI”. Hence DNAVITA uses ingredients given by the Prakriti (Nature) for your Prakriti (DNA).
     c. Purity & Freshness are essential and therefore DNAVITA is made using Pure Ingredients & processed under hygienic conditions only after assessing your needs.

What is the significance of the logo of DNAVITA?
The logo of DNAVITA represents speed, energy, continuity, vitality and spirit, all of which add up to a zesty life. The circle of DNAVITA bespeaks of the above 5 elements rotating in a synchronized manner maintaining constancy with the holistic purpose of raising good health and vigour. The colours used in DNAVITA spell the 5 Elements of Life or Panchtatva - Earth (Prithvi), Water (Jal), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni) and Ether (Akash).
Why should you opt for DNAVITA?
DNAVITA has been created keeping "you" and "your dietary requirements" in mind. It is made of natural food ingredients without any artificial colour, flavour & preservatives. DNAVITA is prepared naturally so as to retain the wholesome nutritional properties. DNAVITA is based on Ayurveda which states “Food for Nutrition, Prevention & Cure”, emphasizing upon the healing power of food to enhance our natural immunity & boost our energy levels.
Can you consult a Nutritionist about DNAVITA?
We have an in house team of food & nutrition experts. You can e-mail them at care_dnavita@sastasundar.com. This facility is available only with relevance to DNAVITA.
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